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Do you want to organize a Phala Meetup in your city and don’t know how to start?

We have put together a simple 3 steps guide on how to get started. This guide will cover following steps:

  1. Plan the event
  2. Host the Meetup
  3. Post Event promotion and Feedback

Plan the Event:

  1. Choose a date and location.
  2. Create an event in the Phala Meetup Group. If you are hosting an event outside of Germany, contact Zoé to open a new Phala page for you.
  3. Title: Make sure the title includes Phala or Web 3.0.
  4. Goal: Be clear with the goal of the event. Do you want to meet in a small circle to discuss a specific topic? Do you want to invite a speaker and learn from a presentation? Do you want to host a hands-on workshop? Based in the goal, consider who your main audience is (developers, blockchain enthusiasts, or both).
  5. Speakers: As we are just building the Global Phala community, we ask our ambassadors to give intro presentations and workshops. In case you would like to invite a speaker from the China based team we can organize a life stream event.
  6. Create an event flyer. Feel free to contact Lucia(Discord: @LuciaP#6600) for support.
  7. Publish the event in the Meetup group. An email will be sent out automatically to members of the meetup group.
  8. Send out reminder emails two days before the event and the morning of the event.
  9. Promote - other marketing tips:

Host the Event: